Resident Parking

If you live along an Open Streets route, your street will be closed to traffic during the event. You will want to relocate your vehicle from on-street parking before the street closure goes into effect. You may park in off-street parking along the route if it’s available to you (such as a parking garage or driveway), but you may want to consider locations that are off-route, especially if you may need to leave with your vehicle any time during the event. We are working with local parking lot managers to ensure free and convenient parking alternatives for residents during all events. Please contact event organizers with any questions or concerns!

Baynard Boulevard – October 16

Diamond Chiropractic – 2100 Baynard Boulevard
Warner Elementary School – 801 W. 18th Street

Union Street – July 17

West End Neighborhood House – 710 N. Lincoln Street. Enter parking lot from 7th Street
Union Park BMW Service Center – 901 N. Union Street. Enter parking lot from Union Street

Market Street – May 15

Wilmington Parking Authority 8th and Orange Lot – FREE all day.
Wilmington Parking Authority 6th and Orange Lot – FREE 2pm – 6pm.
Colonial Parking 6th and Orange Lot – FREE all day.
Midtown Parking Garage (800 block of Orange Street) – DISCOUNTED all day.

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